James Poss

Manchester, NJ

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This person is possible owner of property on 27 Shenandoah Ave, Manchester, NJ 08759. James address is 27 Shenandoah Ave,Manchester, NJ 08759 . The expected price of renting two bedrooms apartment in the 08759 zip code is $1,390/month. Monthly rental prices for a one-bedroom unit is around $1,090. We have found 1 vehicle sale in public records made by this person: 2010 Hyundai Sonata.


Address Rent* Resident Details
27 Shenandoah Ave, Manchester, NJ $1,390 Current Details
* Fair market rent value for a two bedroom apartment at current ZIP. Source: HUD Office of Policy Development and Research 2021.
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(212) 979-5379
Age: 53
(732) 657-9032
Age: 61
(732) 657-9032

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