99 Mona Dr

Amherst, NY

Property Overview

The parcel owner is Bailey Robert A Jr. According to Amherst public records 99 Mona Dr, Amherst total assessed value is $115,000. It is 61.9% lower than average parcel value in Amherst. Building on this parcel was built in 1950. The area of the lot is approximately 0.0 acres and its value is $27,000.

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Possible Residents of 99 Mona Dr

Disclaimer: People listed bellow are possible residents of this address, but not necessarily of this parcel.

Key Data

Parcel Address 99 Mona Dr, Amherst, NY 14226
Parcel ID 14228907915000020380000000
Total Assessed Value $115,000
Tax Year 2017

Land Information

Land Area 0acres
Land Use Cape cod
Assessed Land Value $27,000
Tax Year 2017

Building Information

Year Built 1950
Assessed Building Value N/A
Tax Year 2017


Last Sale Price
Last Sale Date N/A


Owner Bailey Robert A Jr
Owner Address N/A
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