700 Millersport Hwy

Amherst, NY

Property Overview

The parcel owner is Hohmann, Carl Brian. According to Amherst public records 700 Millersport Hwy, Amherst total assessed value is $115,000. It is 61.9% lower than average parcel value in Amherst. Building on this parcel was built in 1955. The area of the lot is approximately 0.0 acres and its value is $30,000.

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Possible Residents of 700 Millersport Hwy

Disclaimer: People listed bellow are possible residents of this address, but not necessarily of this parcel.

(716) 832-8853

Key Data

Parcel Address 700 Millersport Hwy, Amherst, NY 14226
Parcel ID 14228906758000030190000000
Total Assessed Value $115,000
Tax Year 2017

Land Information

Land Area 0acres
Land Use N/A
Assessed Land Value $30,000
Tax Year 2017

Building Information

Year Built 1955
Assessed Building Value N/A
Tax Year 2017


Last Sale Price
Last Sale Date N/A


Owner Hohmann, Carl Brian
Owner Address N/A
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